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Bacon Garlic Fried Rice,Gun Violence, Sinatra, Pop Smoke, H.E.R.,Foster the People, Manilow & Bach

Bacon Garlic Fried Rice with a Garlic Fried Egg. The flavors of fried rice, bacon & eggs, and pasta aglio e olio! Yummy!

Bacon Garlic Fried Rice slideshow. You're welcome!

Bacon Garlic Fried Rice w/ Garlic Fried Egg, Gun Violence, Sinatra, Pop Smoke, Foster the People, Manilow, & H.E.R.

(Originally Published March 16, 2021- Atlanta Spa Shootings)

Like most families, breakfast and getting the day going can either be a joy or a painful reminder of our languid, glory days of coupledom. I’m usually the more patient one, so it’s especially nerve wracking watching my husband and toddler daughter either getting along or screaming at each other about the silliest things… first thing in the morning. “Give me BABY SHARK, NOW!” “No! You can’t have chocolate for breakfast! Get changed NOW!” “NO! I didn’t poop! You farted!” Omg.

Obviously, without some self soothing technique, even the most patient parent would go nuts. So accordingly, I try to (at least) attempt to run in the mornings. With the ongoing violence from the past year getting worse, I never thought that seeing a sunrise while running would be a luxury. Alas, like last year’s fire skies in California where apparently breathing became a luxury (that was horrible, being stuck inside for weeks), a safe daily routine (unfortunately) feels like something we can no longer take for granted.

It would be a lie to say that I have processed the US gun violence that has happened over the last week, the last year, or the last few decades. Over the past year, when anxiety and tensions were unnervingly, steadily, rising, I doggedly convinced myself that it I could bear the responsibility to change ways of thinking, possibly by example or by kindness. I realize now, it’s a bit naive and futile. (I can’t help it! Of course, I’ll be optimistic and a dreamer. I’m a musician and used to teach!) I still believe in change, hope, and the innate goodness in people, but I no longer ignore the signs of bigotry or bias, meanwhile, putting my own or my family’s happiness on the line, in the hopes of changing someone’s viewpoints. I no longer feel it is my responsibility to educate others in their own willful ignorance (and vice versa). It’s like reliving ugly parts of your life on loop, getting re-traumatized, so another person can feel better about themselves. When this is all over, maybe I’ll feel differently.

So, for all of us watching in bewilderment at the world’s present insanity, I constantly remind myself that crisis either can bring out the best and the worst in humanity. Others make decisions out of fear while others, out of moral character. Some use their power to enforce the status quo while others readily use their power, to challenge and forge ideology to evolve. In the meantime, here’s to using creativity, comedy, food and music to help foster understanding. (I sure need that for myself as a break! That and celebrity gossip.) Thanks for reading (and helping me process what’s happening). I hope these excerpts make you think, laugh and hopefully, be more creative and happy, yourself. Xo, Melissa

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? ( I still can’t believe he was our celebrity Covid- 19 canary in the coal mine.) I seriously know so many people I love in my life that are ALL of these caricatures. Btw, we have a packet drawer, too.

Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks - SNL

Because Nancy Sinatra’s style is timeless… even when she sings about guns.

Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

School is hard enough for kids, let alone having to deal with the threat of a mass shooting. Here’s another throwback.

Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks (Official Music Video)

I love the videos where racial understanding comes together.

Pop Smoke - AP (Official Music Video)

I had no idea this was about a shooting. Did you?

Barry Manilow - Copacabana (At The Copa) Arista Records 1978

Finally, to H.E.R., the embodiment of fostering current racial protests. Black and Filipino, her anthem to the BLM movement merits her GRAMMY (the first for a Fil-Am). We all have more in common that we think! (Packet drawer….)

H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe (Official Video)

Because nothing captures the resilience and heartache of the human spirit than the purity of solo Bach. Beautifully phrased and articulated. Please set this in the background, let your mind wander and create something beautiful for yourself.

Bach - Violin Sonata no. 3 in C major BWV 1005 - Sato | Netherlands Bach Society

Thanks for reading! I am now mortified you know that we have a packet drawer (that’s filled to the brink). Here’s to the powers of soft diplomacy and knowing when you need to enforce a strong boundary (for your own happiness)! Have a wonderful week! Xo, Melissa

Bacon Garlic Fried Rice with a Garlic Fried Egg

When I was growing up, we would eat “normal” breakfasts during the week. My favorite were Kellogg’s “Frosted Flakes” and “Frosted Mini-Wheats.” The weekends were another story. Filipinos usually eat garlic fried rice (no fancy accoutrements on the rice) for breakfast. I bumped up the add-ins when I was single so I could make it a meal for dinner… and continue studying or going back to work. It’s serious comfort food… like if you crossed fried rice with bacon and eggs and pasta aglio e olio. Everyone I’ve served this too over the years has liked it and been pleasantly surprised. (Yes. We are not a monolith.) My husband laughs and says it actually tastes fried (like Chick-Fil- A) rather than rice with flavoring. Share this with whomever you’re kissing since there’s garlic. Lol! Have fun!


(These are all approximations because this is how most Filipinos cook. Getting exact measurements for food is like asking your Italian grandma how to make something. It all varies because the quality of ingredients and environment changes.)

canola oil

2-4 slices of bacon, sliced into smaller pieces. (Some are saltier and more smoky than others)

2 links Chinese sausage

handful of frozen cooked shrimp (optional)

2-4 cups of cooked rice (just use your leftovers. Why make new rice for fried rice?)

1-2 handfuls of mixed frozen veggies (You know.. the kind with green beans, carrots, peas and corn…not the succotash kind. Who wants lima beans in fried rice?)

Soy Sauce (Just count 1-2 seconds while you splash it over the rice. Use the saltiness of your bacon and sausage as a mental post.)

Sesame oil (same thing but be more judicious. I don’t like using a lot and taste as I go along. It should hint… not overpower.)

2-4 eggs

2-4 cloves of garlic, minced

Green onions for garnish

Directions 1. Heat canola oil in wok or frying pan. (Just add a glob to lightly cover the pan). Add bacon and fry until it’s almost medium crisp over medium high heat. Add sliced Chinese sausage. (It’s usually fully cooked so just brown it so it’s a bit crisp.) Throw in your frozen shrimp and cook. Add half of the garlic in the pan. Fry for about a minute or until golden brown. Throw in your (leftover) rice and fry over medium high heat, 2- 4 minutes. Add the frozen veggies. Add soy sauce (count 1-2 secs) and sesame oil. Stir until it evenly colors the rice.

2. Add canola oil to a fry pan. Saute the other half of the garlic. Once it’s turned a pale yellow, add the eggs and fry until desired doneness. You want the garlic to season the eggs and turn something boring into something interesting (like life!)

3. Scoop the fried rice into an individual bowl. Top with the garlic fried egg. Drizzle with a bit of sesame oil and add sliced green onions for garnish. Enjoy! (This is even more amazing if you’re binging on a tv shows or a movie.) Happy eating!

#bacongarlicfriedrice, #music&gunviolence, @nancysinatra, @popsmoke,@fosterthepeople, @barrymanilow, @h.e.r.

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