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Japanese Chicken Curry (Insta), Are Social Shorts Bad for Your Brain,Official Hige Dandism, Sakamoto

Japanese Chicken Curry (Instapot). Kid-friendly, fast, and perfect for weekday comfort.

Japanese Chicken Curry Video. If you want a laugh, turn on the sound and listen to my daughter's voice.

Japanese Chicken Curry (Instapot), Are Social Shorts Bad for Your Brain?, Official Hige Dandism, & Sakamoto

Originally Published June 20, 2022

I have innumerable memories practicing the piano as a child with my first lessons at a music school in Indiana. I remember getting bundled up in my pink snow jacket with boots, early on Saturday mornings, arriving in a large room with wood floors and a grand piano. I remember the winter sun being a bit grey, the dappled sunshine reflecting on the highly polished wood floors. After my lesson, we would cross a bridge, where my we would feed the ducks over a stream, languidly watching them fight for my pieces of Wonder Bread.

My parents moved us multiple times around and across the country. At times, it was difficult for me because not only were we transitioning from one school to another, it didn’t help that we kind of stood out in the 1980’s. Times were lean during these transitions, therefore, my mother stopped piano lessons for a few years, my parents trying to figure out their next move. I remember being able to read treble and bass clef so instead of my weekly lesson, I scoured our home for music books and “read” through them. I remember not writing in the notes, but learning to visualize it all when I had the early lessons. I read through my grandmother’s old music, my mother’s old music, and whatever I had learned previously in the years before. What stood out and still stands out for me, is how at such a young age, I still was determined to decipher the music even though I had no idea what I was truly looking at. For hours, I’d read one line, then the next, then practice with the metronome, then try again. I was so young… I look at my daughter now and wonder if that same resiliency and determination resides in her… or whether or not today’s fast paced, media environment will obliterate her attention span.

With the pervasiveness of social media, fundamentally, the way we connect, communicate and empathize (or not) has been forever changed by the algorithms we’ve let into our lives. Are social shorts bad for your brain? This article posits that immediately after watching short form video which ignites dopamine release, it actually pushes dopamine levels below a baseline so we get a deficit (and want it more). Our regulators are shouting we have a mental health crisis. Hmmm… amazing how we’ve deemed illegal drugs as contraband but the regulation of short form media isn’t even a talking point due to its ability to generate taxable income. Please check it out.

And, as an aside, here’s an article on the origins of Japanese curry. It’s not completely a non- sequitur… It’s fast, delicious, and one of the most popular dishes in the country.

If you combined punk, pop, jazz, metal and jazz in a blender, you'd get Official Hige Dandism. It's a mind meld just listening to the influences. Even more interesting with the English subtitles on.


Official髭男dism - Mixed Nuts [Official Video]

I grew up listening to the Ryuichi Sakamoto. Here's a live version of his theme to "The Revenant" with Alva Noto. I also thoroughly enjoy his textural acoustic concert music (if you get a chance to listen).

Ryuichi Sakamoto X Alva Noto - The Revenant (Live)

Congratulations! You’ve defied the odds and actually read something from start to finish! I hope this makes you laugh, think, and maybe look at the world in a new way. Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week! Xo, Melissa

Japanese Chicken Curry (Instapot)

This is a staple when things are a bit hectic and you need something comforting. I was even more surprised that my daughter loves it. You'll feel even more accomplished after making homemade curry cubes! Enjoy!

Pressure Cooker Japanese Chicken Curry

By Namiko Chen

This is truly life- changing.

How to Make Japanese Curry Roux

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