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  • Melissa Orquiza

5 Min: Ube Oat Milk Latte and the More We Talk to Someone, The More We Have to Say

Ube Oat Milk Latte. Yes. It's purple foam on a latte. Ube latte Deo.

Because breaks during the week make everything more manageable!

Originally published Oct 20, 2020

Musicians LOVE breaks. (Who doesn’t?) I used to look forward to them, even as a kid. Practice a passage a few times, take a break. I became really good at mentally hopscotching practice efficiency. Concentrate for 15 to 30 minutes, take a break. Then, I’d up it… an hour or two, then take a break. When I did library music, I set a timer and laid a track down every 5-10 minutes because I had to produce so much music. Eventually, my stamina became pretty insane (I think that energy now goes to life) but mental and physical breaks were and are always welcome.

Now that I have a kid, my break mentality has served me in the most surprising ways. The endless to do list of responsible adulthood is mind boggling and then you, REPEAT. So many of us can sympathize with this right now (I can only imagine with online schooling!) … if you don’t laugh or at least have a break every so often, it’s pretty easy to get mired into a bog of servile inefficiency. (BOO!) So, here’s my gift to you. Wacky concoctions you can make on a break during the week. Because, if you don’t take care of yourself and short change your happiness and motivation (and spread gloom and doom to others because of it), who will?

Here’s a fabulous, short podcast by Gretchen Rubin talking about how sending people silly things about nothing once a week, helps foster connectivity and maintain connection. Since I truly hate videoconferencing and absolutely will only do it for work (or special people) - texting, gifs, and short hilarity are my modus operandi. I do this with my cousins and family, usually texting about nothing in particular, a baby or kids or pictures of what we’re eating, or what we ate when we were together… you know, the important things in life. I hope this makes you laugh and text something ridiculous to someone you love. My family can be ultimate, serious, high - achievers, but at the end of it all, they're insanely goofy. I'm eternally grateful for it.

So, here are the benefits of talking about nothing and sending something silly to someone once a week.

A Little Happier: The More We Talk to Someone, the More We Have to Say.

Both Paris Berelc who plays Alexa in Netflix’s “Alexa and Katie” and Bruno Mars are half. They’re both featured in Alexa & Kate’s Final Episode, which used Bruno Mars, “Count on Me”. You know that Asian girl that can shake and groove like there’s no tomorrow? Yeah, you didn’t know you’ve been exposed to us all this time!

Alexa and Katie Final Episode

Ube Oat Milk Latte. Because technicolor drinks make the banal more interesting.

I used oat milk because I wanted to experiment with the density of the foam in comparison to my coffee brew. I’ve happily used normal milk and almond milk. Please run amok.



1 1/2 cups of oat milk, whole milk, or almond milk

a couple of drops of ube flavoring


  1. Brew coffee and pour into a cup. Sweeten if you like.

  2. Microwave milk. I do it for about 1:30 but we have a really strong microwave.

  3. Pour hot milk in French press, add a few drops of ube flavoring (until you achieve the purpleness you want).

  4. Pump French press up and down until you get that lovely purple foam.

  5. Pour hot milk but scoop the milky foam, taking care not to flatten the air bubbles you so carefully created with the French press. (Tadah!! You’re a purple barista master! Try not to get it on your thumb like I did.)

Thanks for reading! I hope this gave you a restful break. Have a wonderful week!

Xo, Melissa

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