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Iced Mexican Mocha, Father’s Day, The Laws of the Universe, Fate, Bizet, H.E.R., & Doyle

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Iced Mexican Mocha. Perfect for an afternoon break (and definitely not boring).

Welcome to an afternoon coffee slideshow!

Iced Mexican Mocha, Father’s Day, The Laws of the Universe, Fate, Bizet, H.E.R., & Doyle

Lately, I’ve realized how grateful I am for the chance encounters that have led me to where I am today. Sometimes, I’m still not quite sure how logically things have unfolded, but therein lies the absurdity. Life isn’t logical at all. Although you can control certain factors and try to increase the possibilities of a certain outcome, I believe an unexplainable magic happens at the same time.

You can call it the Divine, religion, God, but ultimately, at the most broadest sense, it’s “The Laws of the Universe.” There have been too many chance encounters, close calls, strange coincidences, and times of magnetic familiarity that have led to outcomes beyond my wildest dreams. These wild, fate-filled meetings, even if they led to bumpy roads along the way, led me to opportunities and relationships, that I know would have never happened. If I had been too closed off, or allowed myself to only ascribe to “success” in a more traditional definition, I’m almost certain I would not have ended up as a musician, married, and happily entrenched in motherhood, music, and creativity.

I feel like suffering happens when we inadvertently interfere in the universe’s business, other people’s business, or our own. Sometimes, our lines gets crossed when other people get into our business and vice versa, or when we think we know better and get in the way of the universe’s business. The boundaries are pretty opaque but since we’re human, we oftentimes, screw up. All I know is I’ve been grateful for the times I wasn’t looking, when like attracts like, and for some reason, opportunities, people, and circumstances were shown to me in ways I had never seen before. I believe in MAGIC and life would be terribly dull and boring without it. My husband calls it something else. If he were a Marvel superhero, he’d be the Avengers’ “BS Alert System,” or “Truth Seeker” (without the moral snobbery), saving his friends and family from the impending BS doom, no one saw coming. As a highly attuned bulls*** identifier, he just calls it how he sees it and believes karma (fortunately and unfortunately) does in fact, exist. Scary and amazing stuff.

Speaking of magic, Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday. What else could be more magical than men who love beer, music, (other things), and video games turn into doting fathers? Happy Father’s Day!

I freely admit I had no idea about this up until a few days ago but I find it entirely relatable. You can say, “Melissa, this is a bunch of poppycock.” My response: “Without judgement, it is interesting how fate, chance, and circumstances oftentimes play out, for better or for worse.” Balance.

12 laws of the Universe

How can you not talk about love, magic, fate, destiny, and chemistry without mentioning opera? Here’s “Carmen”, seeped in our cultures’ subconscious.

Carmen is one of the greatest operas of all time and this is why.

And, the introduction of Bizet’s “Fate Motif”, the Prelude to Act I. If you haven’t figured it out already, this fate motif about Carmen and universal fate, is the same way music is structured for character development in movies.

Bizet: Carmen - Prelude to Act 1.

Aww, yeah! Just beautiful… LIVE! How can you not groove to this?

H.E.R. - "Fate" | Live at Sydney Opera House

Like most creators, I wholeheartedly believe that fate can be changed and only your belief in yourself and your heart can lead you to love, happiness, and most importantly, your truth.

How Merida Changed Her Fate | Disney Princess

Thanks for reading! I hope this made you think, laugh, forget a silly situation, or inspire creativity in our own life. Have a wonderful week! Xo, Melissa

Drink me. Aren't I gorgeous?

Iced Mexican Mocha. When you need a special kick for your afternoon. Who doesn't? Enjoy!

Iced Mexican Mocha

Here’s the original link:


½ cup strong brewed cold coffee

½ cup milk

2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

¼ cup water



1. Whisk all your spices and sugar together

2. Add water and microwave for 30 seconds.

3. Stir well to make a “syrup”.

4. Pour your ice and coffee into your cup.

5. After it cools, add the spiced “syrup."

6. Then pour your milk, stir well, and enjoy!

#icedmexicanmocha, #roastycoffee, #lawsoftheuniverse, #fathersday, #fate, #carmen, @bizet, @H.E.R., #brave, @patrickdoyle Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week! Xo, Melissa

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