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Pandan Coconut Iced Latte, The Five Friends Theory, Cannons, U2, & Gluck

Pandan Coconut Iced Latte, Friends, Cannons, U2, & Gluck

Originally Published July 21, 2021

A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to grab a quick lunch at the local sandwich shop. Infuriatingly hot, but grateful for the work reprieve, I plodded in, delighted to stand in line, in order to do absolutely nothing. I ordered and watched in amusement at the high school kids manning the food stations. The cashier was a young Asian girl and one of the sandwich makers would constantly check her out: while putting a topping on the sandwich, while passing a completed meal, or while wrapping the sandwich. (Wow. Did he have to be so obvious? Did he think he was obvious? How about subtlety? Wait… now that I think about, my husband was totally obvious. Lol!) She was either completely oblivious or just focused on her work, smiling at the customers (or maybe she was ignoring him hoping he’d get the hint).

On the way out, I mentioned to my husband what happened and laughed. He had no clue. He was too busy checking his phone, staring at the soda stand, checking out the chips, probably solving some esoteric math problem so he could automate something… I laughed even harder knowing that two people can have two completely different experiences with the same situation. I think this explains world diplomacy.

Falling in love, especially when you’re young, can be an exhilarating rush, not to mention the thilling, intoxicating languid haze of heat, during the summer months. It’s a head rush but one fraught with logical pitfalls, if you’re not careful. (Funny musician mom advice!) Especially now, with so much uncertainty in the world, I relish the advice and guidance of the few I truly care about and admire. It’s an exquisite treasure- knowing you have friends that are stable, loving, happy, have a wonderful life and most importantly, can laugh and roll with the punches life gives you. I’ve often encountered the saying that you’re the sum of the five people closest to you. I mostly believe this, but since I like to see the whole picture, I also think it can be extremely limiting if you’re not open to new ways of thinking, in order to improve. Please check out these articles, both on different takes on the five person idea.

This is the opposite take: You are not the average of the five people you surround yourself with. Interesting how easily your health can deteriorate if one of your friends is unhealthy.

Here is the more mainstream take on the five person idea. Happy, positivity is a big thing for me, so here’s to surrounding yourself with happiness,

Hot, young, summertime love? Um… I think most women would feel this… (but not in such a serious way...)

Cannons - Fire for You (Official Video)

On the opposite of the spectrum, who doesn’t love U2. What? This was about Judas Iscariot, Jesus Christ and the Garden of Gethsamene? I don’t think I can ever listen to this the same way again…

U2 - Until The End Of The World (Official Music Video)

Because young love is beautiful, painful, exquisite, and will always have a place in your heart. (I don't relish the crazy though.)

Yuja Wang plays Mélodie de Gluck/Orfeo ed Euridice

Regardless of where you stand, I hope these articles make you think, assess, and improve the relationships in your life and hopefully, surround yourself with loving people. #bubbleofhappiness Here’s to laughter, joy and hopefully, fun moments of connection.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week! Xo, Melissa

Pandan Coconut Iced Latte


Cold Brewed Coffee

Pandan Simple Syrup (simple syrup with a handful of pandan leaves)

Coconut Milk (to taste)


1. Make Pandan simple syrup. Use whatever ratio you like with sweetness. I prefer less sweet with more pandan flavor. I used alot of pandan leaves extracted as much flavor by putting it in while making the simple syrup, letting it cool, and pressed the leaves before straining.

2. Make cold brew coffee.

3. Add about 4 tablespoons of simple syrup and coconut milk to 1 1/2 cups to cold brew coffee. It’s a good starting point. Adjust as necessary based on the bitterness of your coffee and sweetness of the syrup and coconut milk.

4. Enjoy!

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